Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some Days It's Faster to Bike

Last Thursday I rode into work on my bike with some friends. I usually take the train most of the way then bike the last two miles, but we did the whole fifteen-ish miles. (Actually, my friends are nuts, and started in San Francisco - another twenty miles away.) It's a lot easier to maintain a fast pace in a group than alone, so we averaged about 16 mph over the one hour ride. My friend also knew of a much better route through Palo Alto which definitely shaved off some distance (hint: turn off Middlefield and take the Embarcadero bike overpass over the 101 and continue on the other side of the freeway, where there is no traffic). This was pretty cool because I remember a time not too long ago that I couldn't do 16 mph on a bike at all, much less for a whole hour.

One advantage of riding on the bay side of the 101 is that you get to watch the freeway traffic creep forward. Yesterday, as I was stuck in that freeway traffic in the rain, I saw some hardy bicyclists cruise past on the path in the distance, undoubtedly making better time than me. But at least I was dry and toasty warm.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Totally Geeking Out

I am blogging from my new palm p hone as we wait for a table at Lucky Chances. I can't believe how many people are here on Easter Sunday. I'm a heathen but what's their excuse.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Little Closure Before Spring Break

It's been a while since I've written. Things have been pretty crazy. Let's take stock:

1. Perkins Orders
I was very worried about the Perkins orders. The deadline just came last week and there were many people waited until the last minute to handle their orders. All my cajoling earned me the nickname the Perkins Nazi. But in the end, the money got spent and people made the deadline and we didn't have much left over. I just wish that the accounting system could accurately and quickly represent what's been spent.

2. Academy Crisis
The other Academy that I've been working to try to rebuild for next year finally got a new champion to carry on the cause. The administration had someone in mind who was not in the Academy, which I was concerned about, but now that I met her on Friday I feel much better about everything. I feel a lot better knowing that there is someone there who knows the school and will take the lead in fixing it. It was like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders.

3. My Friend
She will still have a job when she comes back next year. That's a relief.

4. Tickets to Zurich
Finally bought. We're leaving June 16th and returning August 21st. We found out Eurorail passes are expensive. Still they're worth it.

Amy visited us this week during her spring break. We all had a blast. We saw Evita up in the city, which was cool. I think I prefer Sondheim to Andrew Lloyd Weber. Weber puts a little too much pathos and a little less sarcasm than I prefer. Still the performances by Che and Evita were both excellent and we went for sushi at blowfish afterwards.

We also saw the San Francisco Jazz collective play at Mountain View. They were incredible. There was a trumpet, two saxophones, a piano, a drummer, a xylophone, a base and a trombone. They played a few Coltrane songs and an original piece by each member. The drummer was incredible. I tried to keep up with the beats he was playing, but he switched between them with such frequency and with a pattern that verged on a most beautiful chaos. It was great. I haven't been to a concert that good since the Tribute to Django Rheinhardt that Lexi and I went to in New York last summer. And that concert only trumped this one because of the kick ass Jazz violinist who could keep up with the guitarists.

The weather was unfortunate as it rained for most of the week, but it cleared up on Friday and we threw a party for Amy. We played a bunch of apples to apples and some dance dance revolution (Lexi and I sprung for a pair of dance pads). Somehow the rhythm my hands possess when it comes to drumming does not translate well into foot rhythm for dancing. I am getting better and it is good exercise.

I'm looking forward to a lazy spring break with lots of time at the gym, at the poker table, and on my bike and a trip skiing to finish it all off.