Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Everything's Downhill From Here

This past weekend, I broke another skiing barrier. I tackled a black diamond much steeper than the ones I've already skied. It was mostly a psychological barrier, I still have trouble dealing with heights and looking down a steep, icy hill brings a lot of those same issues to bear.

We also picked up season passes for next year at Kirkwood. It is definitely my favorite mountain and I still haven't skied all of it yet. They always seem to have better snow than anywhere else and they're close to our favorite poker room.

Back at school, I'm no longer feeling like I'm falling behind all the time. With the other academy taken care of, I've started taking care of other things. I've gotten all the tests created for the Electrastar event next week. I'm moving on volunteer recruitment for the career fair again and I've already gotten a number of new volunteers.

We've been setting things up for our trip to Zurich. Lexi's already ordered her passport and I've just gotten my birth certificate so I can get mine soon. We're looking forward to going, but I'm worried about how my Mom will be able to join us for a while. She has always wanted to see Europe and I really hope she gets the chance this time.

Just how my mom will be able to join us in Europe is only the latest in a series of issues that have been brought on by our new found wealth. Since we hit it big, we've been trying a lot of new expensive things that are really fun. The only trouble is that we want to share these new experiences with our friends and family, but they aren't in our same situation. It either ends up with us going it alone or a weirdness that happens when we try to help spot them so they can join us. We don't want to show off. We just want to be able to do the new kinds of things we're starting to enjoy with the friends and family we love.

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