Monday, June 27, 2005

Proshai Bonnushka

Farewell little Bonnie

Bonnie was euthanized this weekend as her liver was failing and she had stopped eating and drinking on her own. We will miss Bonnie. Though she was a difficult ferret at times, always biting everyone, she was also very bright. She was the first one to figure out that she could get the last bit of soda out of a bottle by spinning the bottle so it spilled on to the floor. She was also a master lock picker, having broken out of the first 3 cages we owned. She always seemed to long for life in the wild. It was like she had this instinctual understanding that she was meant to go around killing smaller animals rather than beg for treats. She was a ferret's ferret. She always got along well with the other grown up ferrets (baby ferrets were another matter) and would constantly groom them all the time. We would like to thank Billy and Mandy for taking her to the vet and doing all that they could to help Bonnie, including making the difficult decision to put her down so that she didn't suffer. We knew that Bonnie was not well as she had been losing fur for a while, but she was still eating and drinking and grooming the other ferrets right up to the time we dropped her off in Sunland. Her conditioned worsened quickly though and making sure she didn't suffer was the right thing to do. Bye Bonnie. We'll miss you.

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