Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New softball season

The new softball season started this week. We play in a coed corporate league in Sunnyvale - most of the opponents are dot-commers like ourselves. The coed league is pretty casual, with a heavy emphasis on having a good time and occasionally drinking beer. This time our team is pretty good - some folks are super fast, and some folks can hit the ball really well, and mostly we catch things and don't drop them. Me, I can usually figure out where to hit grounders to sneak a base hit past the infield, and I do OK at first base.

So it was a good omen that we won our game tonight. Except that I forgot how to slide. Sort of. I mean, I remember how to slide, but I started to slide when I heard "down", and then tried to stand up a moment later when I heard "no, stand up", and the end result was that I tripped sideways over third base in what I'm sure was a hilarous display of lack of coordination, and landed the wrong way on my ankle. My ankle felt OK after a few minutes so I played the rest of the game (taking it easy). But by the time I got back home my ankle had swollen up and driving the car wasn't much fun. I sure won't be biking in to work tomorrow. I'll have to find some time to squeeze in a visit to the doctor between meetings tomorrow to make sure I haven't done something really bad to it.

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