Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Conservatory of Flowers

They have a no tripod policy so most of the macro shots took several tries and various tricky flash angles. It's a beautiful place to visit and tickets are only five dollars. I was chased from room to room by the mist sprayers which would periodically turn on to keep the tropical humidity. Great for flowers, but not for my camera.

Conservatory of Flowers 2006:04:26andrew_casteel's Conservatory of Flowers 2006:04:26 photoset


Anyta said...

Thank you for the photos!
I like flowers so much that feel the urge to go to this conservatory. Do they have a shop with seeds or marcottes inside?

Andrew Casteel said...

I didn't see one and there wasn't one mentioned on their site but you might want to contact them to make certain