Tuesday, January 16, 2007

hoping for snow

The view of Tahoe from the top of Kirkwood was fantastic, despite the 30 mph winds blowing the last remaining particles of snow off the mountain and into my face. I had plenty of time to enjoy the view while trying to decide how to ski down that sheet of ice without falling on my butt.

Ice and -20 degree weather notwithstanding, it was a great three-day weekend. Extreme cold has a way of keeping other people off the mountain, so once you get bundled up in enough layers, there aren't any lift lines to get in the way. It hasn't snowed in a few weeks anywhere around here (although tonight it is raining in SF so I'm optimistic that it's snowing in Tahoe) so the snow wasn't great, but still skiiable (except for the aforementioned sheet of ice at the top). The wind tended to blow the snow into drifts among the trees, so the off-trail snow conditions were actually pretty good - well worth exploring the less-beaten path. We stayed at the resort instead of a motel in South Lake Tahoe, so no driving in the mornings (yay!) and having a room with a kitchen means you can cook your own food (double yay! salads and sandwiches instead of burgers and sausage). The masseuse at the resort will even do in-room massage!

If it is actually snowing now, next weekend should be even better.

[Special shout-out to my little sister who's just turned 21 - happy birthday, Amy!]


Quakey said...

Yo, Lexi, it's Aspen. =D I stumbled on your blog completely by accident in a completely unrelated Google search. Wack.

Anyway, if you ever feel like coming up to Whistler, BC to go skiing, let us know. =D Miles and miles and miles of mountain and the drive is no worse from Seattle to Whistler than it is from SF to Kirkwood. ^_^

TTY some other time.

Jsthiel said...

Ok, so I know this is not where I should be putting this but Blogger has NO WAY Of getting answers for me!! Anyway I was just wondering, you guys made this new permissions thing for blogger, is there any way to also tell me when that person last viewed my page?? anyway, have a good one.

Narges said...


You work at blogger, so I thought you might make this possible or at least tell me if it isn't.

Could you make blogger multi-language? It needs lots of thoughts, I know, but since Google has machine translation engines it might not be that difficult. You could add some language icons to the blogs, and clicking them could translate the blog entry to the desired language.

I wanted to create such a blogging site myself, specifically with goal of emphasizing on the multi-cultural and dialog-among-culture aspect of blogging, but thought to tell it to you guys first. Blogger is a popular giant. If you could do it instead, maybe my idea would actually have a real effect. I live in a place where these small efforts could save lives.

Could you do me a favor and tell me what you think about this idea? Is it possible at all?


Adnan Siddiqi said...


Donny Pauling said...

This has nothing to do with snow, Lexi, but I read what you wrote about Blogger now hosting domains. I was wondering if blogger also allows email addresses (unlimited aliases) to be forwarded to my gmail account....

Edith Villa said...

hi i love the words in the song but ever been in snow so i would to make snow eyes with you if you want. bye -Edith Villa