Sunday, August 17, 2008

An efficient 100 mile week

I rode 115 miles this week, mostly in three batches instead of evenly distributed across the whole week. 50 miles for the full tiburon loop, no ferry, and two 25 mile rides in the hills near Palo Alto. The one new ride for me was up Page Mill, where I should have planned in more time - I made it a few miles up into the hills before realizing that I had to turn around *right then* to catch the last bus back to SF. As it starts to get dark earlier this should be less of a problem as I will be less tempted to start a ride at 5, and will start riding at noon instead or something.

The third ride was just the portola valley loop on Friday afternoon, something I know I can do in 2.5 hours. I did the loop clockwise instead of counterclockwise and made significantly better time than before. I was able to comfortably get up to 33 mph on a downhill without freaking out, which was nice. At one point a Yukon pulls up alongside me, paces me for a while, then the passenger window rolls down and the guy asks for directions to the palo alto country club. :) he'd missed it at the last turn so I gave him directions. Otherwise three batches of riders passed me but I re-passed one on the uphill part of Sand Hill Road.

I had hoped to ride in marin today but my legs are still tired. I guess I'm supposed to pay attention to that. Maybe tomorrow

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