Wednesday, October 20, 2004

mmm... beer

An account of last weekend's drinking is in Keith's blog. We went to Schroeder's (240 Front St.) and chowed down on sausages and tasty beer. (I had the Bitburger, which is light and crisp but still carries a lot of flavor.) I didn't have a lot to drink - just enough that at the end of the evening I thought Keith and I would be able to carry Andrew into the house from the car. In the process, I sustained minor injuries. I smashed my right pinky finger on the door, destroying the fingernail. It didn't hurt that much the next day except for when I tried to start typing. So I've been typing with nine fingers all week (with a new appreciation for how much work the right pinky does) while watching the pinky ooze fluids as the nail finishes separating. OK, that was probably way more detail than you wanted to know. But I've learned my lesson: next time we're leaving Andrew in the car to sleep it off.

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