Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Why "basteel.blogspot.com"? See, we're both lazy. When we got married, I sort of thought about taking his last name (Casteel) and he sort of thought about taking my last name (Baugher), but neither of us actually cared enough to stand in line at city hall and fill out the paperwork. Plus, we had both gotten started with our professional careers and had large networks of people who vaguely remembered our names just the way they were. So we each kept our own last names. Friends would ask, so, what names will the kids have? To which the answer was (and still is) eek, no kids. But the question persisted: hypothetically, in the same alternate universe where our evil counterparts wear goatees, the kids would need names. Cynthia suggested squishing the names together to get "Basteel". This is by far the most pronounceable of the combinations ("Caugher" is just as bad, prounciation-wise, as "Baugher" (hint: say "blogger" without the L) ) and it sounds pretty cool. So while we're still lazy and not likely to officially get our names changed, we're all set for the hypothetical future.

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