Wednesday, November 17, 2004

mmm... fish

Spicy tuna and barbequed eel are the yummiest foods ever. That, and beer. I consumed copious quantities of both tonight, on honor of our softball team's victory. This doesn't happen very often (it's our second win this season) and we were fortunate enough to beat a really good team tonight. I've also discovered that my true calling (baseball-wise) is first base. I'd been in the outfield for most of the season, where I did OK - I figured out how to track fly balls and would occasionally catch them. But I'm not a fast runner and can't throw all the way in from the fence without a cutoff, which limits my effectiveness as an outfielder. But at first base you don't need to be fast or to throw very far; you just have to be able to catch anything people throw at you and maybe field some grounders. I can handle that. (My stretchiness makes up for my lack of height.) So that was a warm fuzzy reassuring experience - hence the post-game beer.

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