Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Defeating the Post Vacation Malaise and Malady

So I'm still not completely over my cold from last week. There's a nagging cough that I just can't shake. But my energy is back up and I had my first good day at work since I came down with the cold last week. I got so much done today:

-Lessons prepped for the rest of the week
-Agendas created for the steering committee and Career Technical Education committee meetings next week.
-Met with Bev Parks and planned our strategy for our meeting with the superintendent over the academy budgets.
-Taught my heavy load of classes (Tues and Thurs have more class time than the rest of the week)

As my threshold for what I'll put up with at work continues to drop, it was refreshing to have a day that went as well as today. This vacation had a real impact on my work ethic. I found that I have enough hobbies to keep me busy and happy without work. If I can keep finding enough interesting problems like the budget meeting with the superintendent, maybe I will last in the district until I go back to school (which is currently leading the pack of ideas for what to do next). Though reading some of the bios for the Profs at Stanford, I came across a too many pedagogical theorists and too few administrative policy analysts.

Lexi and I have been playing some on-line tournaments lately. We've been doing pretty well too. Our very tight preflop play has been paying off big time as well as our new aggressive pursuit of drawing hands with a variety of outs. Overall, tournaments seem to pay off more reliably for us, but not offer the same return as regular play. It's a volatility versus rate of return trade off. Thursday we will try to make the Google Poker night for the first time. I'm eager to meet the player that has apparently impressed David Sklansky (One of my favorite poker geek writers).

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