Friday, January 07, 2005

Low Week, Low Pairs and a Bad Beat

I am so glad this week is over. Tuesday was a tripple whammy. We lost Zack in the morning. I had biked to school under partly cloudy skies. Then right when school ended the skies opened up just in time for me to bike to my blood donation appointment. The combination of grief, rain and blood loss gave me a bad cough that I am still fighting.

On the up-side Lexi and I have broken $600 in our partypoker account. It started with $60 earlier this summer and hovered there for a while. The big boost to the account came yesterday when we hit the sweetest 2-4 table. There were two lunatics with $350 each. Lexi hit a pair of twos and limped in. She caught a third 2 on the flop and the two lunies maxed out the betting. Then on the turn another 2 falls. They keep betting the max. When the dust settled we were up a hundred. They kept playing the same way too. At the end of the night we were up $250. It's been lots of fun practicing our poker together.

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