Friday, January 28, 2005

More Skiing, More Poker and More Students

Google Ski Trip was last Thursday and I came up to join Lexi that weekend at Squaw Valley for some skiing. I got some more blues in and even tried out a small ski jump. I managed to catch a little air and still land in control. I'll try to get a little more air next time.

We got out to Harveys for some poker on Saturday night. I got the worst cards of my life. Worse than I could even excuse playing at as loose a table as we found. I folded away $20 over 3 hours. Lexi did get the cards though and used them well. She netted $243 profit at the table. I'm still proud I had the will power to keep from loosening my play too much for that table. With 6-9 offsuit and the like making up most of your hands, Q-6 offsuit starts to look good, but I knew I shouldn't play it and I didn't. It would have just made my losses even greater.

This week was recruitment for the Academy. I feel good about the new candidates this year. I hope that we are able to keep more of the students that we want. It's been getting better year to year and I hope the trend continues. If we can keep a good team running this academy, it could really make the transition to a college prep program.

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