Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Zack liked to play outdoors, and didn't even mind the leash that much. Sometimes he had so much energy that it freaked out the cat. He loved to meet new people and was always very friendly. He had just adapted to the new baby ferrets and was enjoying playing with them. We brought in a tub of dirt over the weekend and let the ferrets all play in it. The babies and Zack loved the dirt, and dug in it so much that all their fur turned dark (even Zack, who was normally mostly white-gray). Zack also became so excited about the dirt that he leapt up onto the counter and overturned a poinsettia plant, creating further havoc. We gave them all baths afterwards - they hate baths - and dried them off in big poofy towels. Zack seemed so happy.

We'll miss him.

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